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TITLEAuthorInvolved SubsType
1941-1943: Against the OddsW.J. HolmesBook
And the Baker's Boy Went to SeaMary CummingsBook
BatfishHughston E. Lowder with Jack ScottUSS Batfish SS-310Book
Blind Man's BluffSherry Sontag & Christopher DrewSubmarine EspionageBook
BowfinEdwin P. HoytUSS Bowfin SS-287Book
Cruisers for BreakfastJohn G. Mansfield, Jr.USS Darter SS-227, USS Dace SS-247Book
Das BootLothar-Gunther BuchheimBook
Death At A DistanceMichael SturmaUSS Harder SS-257Book
Dust on the SeaEdward L. BeachBook
Escape From The DeepAlex KershawA true story of courage and survival during WWII. USS Tang SS-306Book
Final DiveRick ClineUSS Snook SS-279Book
Final PatrolDon KeithTrue Stories of WWII SubmarinesBook
Find `Em, Chase `em, Sink `EmMike OstlundUSS Gudgeon SS-211Book
Fresh Water SubmarinesRear Admiral William T. Nelson, USN (Ret.)The Manitowoc StoryBook
Go In and SinkDouglas ReemanFictionBook
Guerrilla SubmarinesEdward Dissette &Hans Christian AdamsonBook
Hellcats of the SeaCharles A. Lockwood & Hans Christian AdamsonBook
I-Boat CaptainZenji Orita with Joseph D. HarringtonBook
Kangaroo ExpressRichard J. LaniganUSS Growler SS-215Book
Killing PattonBill O'Reilly & Martin DugardBook
Left to DieDan KurzmanThe Tragedy of the USS JuneauBook
Life in Nelson's NavyDudley PopeBritish Lord NelsonBook
Maru KillerDave BouslogUSS Seahorse SS-304Book
Nothing Friendly in the VicinityClaude C. ConnerUSS Guardfish SS-217Book
Overdue and Presumed LostMartin SheridanUSS Bullhead SS-332Book
Pigboat 39Bobette GugliottaAn American Sub Goes to WarBook
Red ScorpionPeter T. SasgenUSS Rasher SS-269Book
Run Silent, Run DeepEdward L. BeachFictionBook
Salt and SteelEdward L. BeachReflections of a submarinerBook
Shinano!Captain Joseph F. Enright & James W. RyanThe Sinking of Japan's Secret Supership by USS Archerfish SS-311Book
Silent RunningJames F. Calvert, Vice Admiral, USN (RET.)My Years on a WWII Attack SubmarineBook
Silently We ServedJerome S. GrossUSS Submarines WWII. USS Nautilus, Bream, CarpBook
Sink 'Em AllCharles A. Lockwood Book
SubmarineDrew MiddletonPast, Present, FutureBook
Submarine Captain and Command at SeaCaptain Herbert I. Mandel U.S.N. (Ret)WWIIBook
Submarine CommanderPaul R. SchratzBook
Submarine DiaryRear Adm. Corwin Mendenhall, USN (Ret.)The Silent Stalking of JapanBook
Sub-Marine DiaryRear Admiral Corwin Mendenhall USN (Ret.)WWII Operations of USS Sculpin SS-191 & USS Pintado SS-387Book
Submarine GraybackRick ClineThe Life & Death of the WWII Sug, USS Grayback SS-208Book
Submarine StoriesPaul StillwellRecollections from the Diesel BoatsBook
Submarine!Commander Edward L. BeachUSS Trigger SS-237Book
Submarine!Edward L. Beach, Captain, USN (Ret.)The Classic Account of Undersea Combat in WWIIBook
SubmarinesAntony PrestonVarious Country's SubmarinesBook
Submarines At WarEdwin P. HoytBook
Submarines of the WorldDavid MillerIllustrated DirectoryBook
The Battle of Leyte GulfThomas J. CutlerBook
The Big 'E'Commander Edward P. Stafford, U.S.N.USS Enterprise CV-6 WWIIBook
The BoatLothar-Gunther BuchheimBook
The Coast WatchersCommander Eric A. Feldt, R.A.N.Book
The Depths of CourageFlint Whitlock & Ron SmithAmerican Submariners at War with Japan, 1941 - 1945Book
The Destroyer KillerEdwin P. HoytUSS Harder SS-257Book
The Fleet The Gods ForgotW.G. WinslowThe U.S. Asiatic Fleet in WWIIBook
The Galloping GhostCarl LaVOUSS Barb SS-220Book
The Luck of the DrawCpt. C. Kenneth Ruiz, USN Ret. - John BruningThe Memoir of a WWII Submariner from Salvo Is. To the Silent ServiceBook
The Navy Times Book of SubmarinesBrayton HarrisA political, social, and military history.Book
The Pearl Harbor AvengerDr. Robert P. BeynonUSS Bowfin SS-287Book
The Pearl Harbor AvengerDr. Robert P. BeynonUSS Bowfin SS-287Book
The Silent Service William C. Chambliss WWII USS Perch, Thresher, Sculpin, Harder, Bergall, SeahorseBook
The Silent Service in World War II Edward Monroe-Jones & Michael GreenWWII Submarine CampaignsBook
The Terrible HoursPeter MaasRescue of the USS Squalus SS-192Book
Thunder Below!Admiral Eugene B. FluckeyUSS Barb SS-220Book
TorpedomanRon SmithBook
U-Boats At WarHarald BuschGerman Submarines in Action 1939 - 1945Book
Undersea WarriorDon KeithThe WWII Story of "Mush" Morton and tne USS Wahoo SS-238Book
Undersea WarriorDon KeithThe WWII Story of "Mush" Morton and tne USS Wahoo SS-238Book
USS Fulton (AS-11) -50th AnniversaryDust on the SeaBook
WahooRichard H. O'Kane, Rear Admiral, USNThe Patrols of America's Most Famous WWII SubmarineBook
Wake of the WahooForest J. SterlingThe Heroic Story of America's Most Daring WWII Submarine, USS Wahoo SS-238Book
War Beneath The SeaPeter PadfieldWWII Submarine CampaignsBook
War beneath the WavesDon KeithUSS Billfish SS-286Book
War FishGeorge GriderFictionBook
War in the BoatsCapt. William J. Ruhe USN (Ret.)WWII Pacific OperationsBook
War Patrols of the USS FlasherWilliam R. McCantsUSS Flasher SS-249Book
We were PiratesRobert Schultz & James ShellA Torpedoman's Pacific WarBook
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